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Iphone Safari View of IWP database- Accurate sizing of elements for Iphone

Question asked by VincentYoung on Sep 18, 2012
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Iphone Safari View of IWP database- Accurate sizing of elements for Iphone


     Cant seem to find a previous post or useful info. I published a database to the web using IWP on Pro. Connect easily, no problem. I used the Iphone portrait size stencil in the development of the layout for viewing on Iphone, but the result is dismal to say the least. The DB fills the entire stencil in the layout, however only fills the upper quarter of the screen when opened in safari on my Iphone. I can pinch and re-size. Is there a SUREFIRE way to size the DB exactly how it will look when viewed on the Iphone. Right now I am changing fonts, and field sizes, and reloading, hit or miss, to get it right and seems there should be an easier way. There used to be Palm Pilot viewers you could run on your computer to view how things would look prior to deployment on a device. Is there anything like that, or a more ACCURATE stencil?

     I have reviewed the stencil info and the 320 by 385 whatever portrait size, and that the stencils aren't't accurate representations, etc. If not accurate, what good are they?

     I am posting a screen-shot of my Iphone accessing the DB. It is not reorganized after resizing some elements, but I wanted to give a visual idea of what I am dealing with. The very small print elements on the right of the screen are what I fit into the Iphone stencil on the FM Pro layout. I have been enlarging and rearranging the sizes to reach a easily viewable, workable solution upon initially accessing the database without resizing by pinching.

     Thanks in advance for any ideas, in the meantime, trial and error.