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    IRR calculation



      IRR calculation




      How can I use FileMaker to realize the IRR function like Excel. I am trying to solve this problem by looking for some resources, but I failed. 


      What I can find is as following:


      Let ( [ IRR1 = GetAsNumber ( IRR1 ); IRR2 = GetAsNumber ( IRR2 ); NPV1 = GetAsNumber ( NPV1 ); NPV2 = GetAsNumber ( NPV2 ) ];IRR1 + ( ( NPV1 / ( NPV1 + NPV2 ) ) * ( IRR2 - IRR1 ) ) 



      (From: http://www.briandunning.com/cf/844


      But this formula is too simple, and it cannot get the IRR based on a series of cash flows and intervals.


      Here is some reference from other forum.



      Please help to solve this problem. Thank you very much! 

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          I don't have an answer for you as such, just thought I'd point you to another IRR custom function at the same site in case you missed it. 



          I have been looking for an XIRR function for some time, but have so far not found anything I could use. I am considering making an attempt to make such a function for Filemaker.


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            Hi, did anyone figure out how to implement XIRR?

            I'd imagine the formula to be the cornerstone of a lot of financial packages and very useful.


            Please reply if you have done this or have any guidance.