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irregular sequence

Question asked by jayGamel on Jun 1, 2011
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irregular sequence


I need to build a table of publishing dates. the product publishes on the first and fifteenth of each month but skips Jan 1 and July 15..

From that table I need to generate:

volume and issue numbers (new vol. every year, unique issue numbers: 1 ... xxx

issue dates

end dates for subscriptions (start plus 21 issues),

current issue number and date (to generate text and stories based on release dates)


do I need to hand build the basic table every year or so or can I set up a formula to do this based on the previous record(s)? would it involve 24 serial if statements? (I just moved up from FM6 to 11 pro advanced so I'm not familiar with all the new bells adn whistles).

Any help appreciated.