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    Irritating newbie question



      Irritating newbie question



           Sorry to post a newbie question but cant find the answer online;

           I have 80 staff who will be rotating through 7 different places of work in 6 month blocks. Is it possible to use filemaker to plan this? In addition I'd also like to be able to click on a staff members name in order to bring up their contact details from a separate FM database etc?

           Thanks for any help.


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               That is all possible with FileMaker. But can YOU do it with FileMaker? That's the real question and one we can't answer as it depends on the skills you bring to database design and the time and dollars you are willing to invest in learning how to do it.

               I recommend dowloading the 30 day free trial copy to see what you can manage to do with it.

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                 Thank you.

                 You are right about time and dollars..

                 I've got irritated with Access a long time ago (before converting to Mac) but have used Bento recently which was great but I see that it will soon not be around. I guess its the starting from scratch that is intimidating whereas before there has always been a suitable template to get me started. Cant seem to find an appropriate starting point with the trial version. I'll try harder.

                 Thanks for your comments.


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                   Look through the starter solution, specifically Contacts, & Resource Scheduling.  They will give ideas of what may work for you, and how they do those things. 



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                     There are quite a fiew training resources available--even videos on You-Tube. And feel free to ask specific questions about the nuts and bolts of what you are trying to accomplish here in this forum.