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    Is a field name starting with a number really a problem



      Is a field name starting with a number really a problem



           I'm using FM Pro ADV 11. One of my clients has used the Dewey Decimal System in field names.  So for example 100.0 is Cash, 101.0 is cash in banks, 101.1 is cash in Bank of America.  Their list of accounts is long, and they like to change it from time to time.  Sorting it by the starting number of the field name seems simple. There is a message displayed that" it might be dificult to use a field starting with a number or a decimal" . . . . I understand the problem with calculation symbols and words reserved for calculations, but what's the problem with starting field names with a number.?


           Jan Slort

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               It will result in calculation expressions (those that refer to such fields) that are much harder to read as you have mentally parse out a more complex notation that FileMaker automatically inserts when you use a field with such a name. And GetFieldName can fail to return the correct field name--breaking the use of it when passed as a script parameter to a script design to modify different fields based on the field name passed as a parameter.

               But why should your client be dictating field names? Field names are internal names that need not be visible to the client at all. Except for Table Views which really aren't the best choice for use by general users anyway, you can use the field tool to add a field to your layout and then use the text tool to provide text to label the field with any text you care to use. You don't have to use the defined field name on the layout.