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Is a portal the best way?

Question asked by synergy46 on Jul 12, 2009
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Is a portal the best way?


I have an application that has a Stocks table.


In the stocks table I have:




I have a layout based on stocks.

I have a tabbed object on that layout.


I would like to have a portal in a tab that would allow the user to add/edit/delete stocks.

So, I duplicated Stocks (creating STocks2) and related it to itself via in each table.


On a tab I created a portal based on STocks2 including stkSymbol and stkName.

I expected to see a listing of ALL stocks but instead only see a listing of the currently selected stock.

(This is probably because it is the current record?)


Anyway, I would appreciate any ideas how I can incorporate a layout in a tab?? Or, get the portal to work?? or???