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Is Applescript broken in Filemaker Pro 10?

Question asked by ewelch_1 on Jan 11, 2010
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Is Applescript broken in Filemaker Pro 10?


I'm trying to use scripts I used with Filemaker Pro 8.5 in Filemaker Pro 10 (in Snow Leopard 10.6.2) and they seem to be broken.


When I use Script Debugger 4.5 to look inside Filemaker, most of the features seem to be broken. I can see values of cells. I can figure out how to access data in cells.


I have an Applescript that uses data imported into Filemaker as tab delimited text so that Applescript does a search in Filemaker to find the filename of a photo (the first field in the database) and then it extracts the metadata from Filemaker and used Photoshop to embed that metadata into the image file, saves the file and closes it. It searches for each image, embeds the metadata and then quits.


I figured out that Applescript now has to get the name of the database as a Window, rather than as database 1. I figured that out. But accessing the data in the TO is now seemingly impossible. I'm beginning to think my purchase of FMP 10 was a mistake. How could Applescript be so broken by this update? This is Apple after all that owns Filemaker! 


By the way, I'm using the demo version. My shipment of FM10 should arrive today. Is the Demo version the problem here?


Maybe Script Debugger just can't look inside Filemaker Pro 10. But if not, I need a scripting guide to rewrite all my scripts. Filemaker has saved me hundreds of hours, literally over the past six months. (Glad I didn't upgrade until now!)