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    Is Container Empty?



      Is Container Empty?


      Is there a way to tell if a container is empty?


      Also, do I need to put this into a script or can I simply use that as part of an interactive find command?


      Thank  you 

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          Hi there DrDave


          you can use the calculation


            IsEmpty ( ContainerField )


          Which will return 1 if the container is empty or 0 if ih has something in.


          You can use this as a standard calc field, in a script of as part of conditional formating, anywhere you can specify a calculation, so it really depends on what you want the outcome to be.



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            Thank you. Maybe you can help me with this....



            I'm trying to export the contents of a container field for all records in a found set, without FM prompting me for a filename. I want the filename to default to the name of the file stored in the container. Is this the command that I'm supposed to use?


            Export Field Contents (Nature Slides::Photo) 


            Thank you for your help. 



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              Not a problem DrDave, glad to help.


              This is quite straight forward, set a variable to the path and name of the the file and then when setting up the 'Export Field Content' script step specify you variable in the 'Specify output file' option.



                Set Variable [ $FilePath ; Value: "file:" & Nature Slides::_FileName ]

                Export Field Contents [ Nature Slides::_Photo ; "$FilePath" ]



              Let me know how you get on, or if you need anything else 

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                Okay, this is working. Now onto the last step. I want to do this for the entire found set.


                When you setup a loop in FM, do you need to establish how many records are in the found set and then setup a incremental counter so that you can exit the loop. or does FM have command to handle this?



                  Do whatever

                  Go to Record next

                  how do we get out of this? 


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                     "Go to Record next

                    how do we get out of this? "


                  Simply with.


                  Go to Record [ next ; exit after last ]