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Is e-mail scripting step limited?

Question asked by cheathamtech on Dec 12, 2009
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Is e-mail scripting step limited?


Hello, All...


I'm using FMP10 to submit tech requests...

I'd like for a user to fill out a form detailing his location/the nature of his computer problem/the room number, etc., then SUBMIT.

When the user hits submit, I'd like for my tech to immediately receive an e-mail detailing the problem.

But in the e-mail script step I can only figure how to include one field in the message part of the e-mail.

I'd like to include a half dozen fields in the e-mail...

Is that possible?


It would be even nicer if I could (also in a subsequent script step) send an e-mail to the person submitting saying:


We received your request on DATE about YOUR PROBLEM.  TECH NAME will be at YOUR LOCATION within 3 days to address it. (in other words like a mail merge program, only with the fields form the tech request form...)  


Not possible with FM?