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Is Filemaker more easily integrated with Office on OS x or Windows?

Question asked by RatibAllana on Aug 17, 2011


Is Filemaker more easily integrated with Office on OS x or Windows?


Hello All,

I have recently been toying with Filemaker Pro 11 on a Windows System.  Just wanted to know if anyone can advise me on whether it is better to create a database for between 1-50 users on either a Windows 7 PC, with FM 11 and MS Office 2010 or on an iMac OS X Lion with FM 11 and MS Office 2011.

I work for a boutique recruitment company that has been set up a year ago and i have just been tasked with finding the best cost efficient way to design/create/implement a database can keep track of Clients, Candidates, Vacancies.

I've ruled out Access, Oracle, SQL purely because FM seems to be the easiest way to implement something cross platform.  Currently we have Windows & PC's but the MD bought a Macbook Pro and loves it so much that he is thinking of getting rid of Windows PC's and replacing with iMac's and Lion Server.

I will be designing it to contain the contact info, CV's, & Notes as a basic use, but will need to incorporate the following:

Sending personalised emails to gorups of candidates, mail shots to clients, sending CV of a candidate to multiple or single clients (and keeping a track of the progress), sending multiple CV's to 1 client Vacancy (and keeping track of the progress), and CV parsing.

The current Excel, Outlook, Word system is working fine, but the company is growing and the MD wants a system that integrate all of this together.  It's something that we will be doing over the course of a few months so i've been tasked with it as time scale is not an issue.

It's my first time on the forum so forgive the long winded excuse.

I'm including a screenshot of a program that we were considering of purchasing, but it has a lot of functions that we don't require/need.  it don't know if a portal is going to achive the effect of a list/table view at the bottom with the corresponding record details above, CV and notes to the right.

Can anyone put my mind at ease and tell me a) it will be ok, and b) that it can be done.