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Is FileMaker Pro a black hole for data?

Question asked by BobJones2920 on Jan 27, 2011
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Is FileMaker Pro a black hole for data?


Our company recently purchased FileMaker Pro 11 and are poised to begin transferring our data into it. One of our employees has several concerns about FileMaker Pro and has described it as a black hole. He is pushing to use LAMP, any thoughts?

The LAMP environment would allow us to implement far more feature than Filemaker Pro offers, including a literally unlimited choice of user interfaces.  PHP (the scripting language implemented in the development and hosting environment), HTML (the existing web standard), and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets, the underlying design element that gives many HTML pages their appearance while minimizing redundant coding and  which can be further employed to include design elements such as animation and page division) may be combined to create dialog boxes, drop-down menus, tabs, and nearly any other input element.  These elements will then respond with output in nearly any format using server-side processing via the same elements.  This degree of customization will negate the need for end-user training as the interface design can be greatly simplified compared with FileMaker's while offering the same or greater functionality.