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Is Filemaker Pro The Correct Software For My Problem?

Question asked by adrianhodge on Apr 26, 2010
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Is Filemaker Pro The Correct Software For My Problem?


Firstly, I apologise if this is the wrong forum, and if it is maybe someone can direct me to the correct one.


This is what I want to do:

Export my sales data from my ecommerce site into a database. (I have no problem exporting to an excel or csv file)


Then I want to be able to run sales reports on this data by supplier, customer, product, date range, category, etc


What I want to know is do you think Filemaker Pro is the best software to handle this sort of task, and if it is where is the best place for me either to get a ready made template, or get someone to write me a template.


My existing ecommerce software is good at what it does, but its just terrible at reporting.


I am a new user of Filemaker pro and am currently using the trial version 11 on a Mac, but I also have PCs in the company.


Thanks to anyone who can help.