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Is Filemaker right for me?

Question asked by ShawnWright on May 7, 2009
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Is Filemaker right for me?


I have run my photography studio for 18 years on pen and paper.  All that time I knew it should be on a computer but I could never seem to find the right thing.  I even bought FM about 10 years ago, Mac, and had another local studio share with me his Data Base.  But now I have to start getting my stuff together.  Here are my questions...


1- Bento or FM?  Every review I read on Bento says it is unstable and that people seem to hate it.  I need to keep track of customers, their orders, print invoices, print mailing labels.  Seems simple to me.


2- If FM then do you think I can prove to them that I bought FM full version along time ago and get a upgrade?  I no longer have the disc or serial number.  I wonder if they would have me still in their Database.  Assuming I registered it.  It has been a long time and I doubt this is possible but at $300 to repurchase it is a lot. And it does not hurt to ask.


3- Besides the pre made templates in the program, there a affordable add-on which is well known for easy use in a portrait studio or similar business model?