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    Is FileMaker right for me?



      Is FileMaker right for me?


      Hello everyone,


      I have a client that is wanting to basically manage a Club membership database. They have over 1500 members.  Right now they are not worried about accepting memberships online but I know they will be eventually.  They want a fool proof easy way of data management, but don't they all?

      Name & info, when they joined,  when does their membership expire, email address, etc. is the info we'd be working with.
      They also like the idea of when a membership is about to expire the program will automatically send out an email letting the member know.


      Is this something that is fairly easy to set up with FileMaker?  I saw a couple of "plug-ins" that would help with the e-mail part, just curious if those are needed, or will the FM10 Pro do that without them?


      Thank you for you time and I appreciate any input you may have.




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          Filemaker can do all you describe, but the key question is: "can you do it with filemaker" Filemaker comes with a set of template files and the tools for building your own solution. You won't find what you describe ready and waiting to be used. Instead, you'll have to either create your own solution from scratch or adapt a template file to your needs. The contact manager sounds like it'll come pretty close, but probably can't send out the renewal emails you describe without further modification.


          You might want to download the free 30 day trial copy and see if you can make it work for you.

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               Thanks Phil.  I knew it wouldn't do it "right out of the box".  I am completely ready and willing to put some time in and "get my hands dirty."  Just wanted a couple of opinions from longtime users, as to what they thought.  If FileMaker is the right tool for the job or was I barking up the wrong tree.  Thanks again.