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Is FileMaker right for me?

Question asked by Nochte on Feb 17, 2010
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Is FileMaker right for me?


Hello everyone,


I have a client that is wanting to basically manage a Club membership database. They have over 1500 members.  Right now they are not worried about accepting memberships online but I know they will be eventually.  They want a fool proof easy way of data management, but don't they all?

Name & info, when they joined,  when does their membership expire, email address, etc. is the info we'd be working with.
They also like the idea of when a membership is about to expire the program will automatically send out an email letting the member know.


Is this something that is fairly easy to set up with FileMaker?  I saw a couple of "plug-ins" that would help with the e-mail part, just curious if those are needed, or will the FM10 Pro do that without them?


Thank you for you time and I appreciate any input you may have.