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Is Filemaker right for my new startup.

Question asked by JohnDean on Nov 20, 2012
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Is Filemaker right for my new startup.



     I apologise if these subjects have been covered before in other posts.

     i am setting up a new company and want to get my database fit from the start to minimise labour costs and maximise effiency.

     as with all things these days there is a wealth of choice on the market. I was hoping the forum could tell advise me if FileMaker will work for my needs.

     I have a few requirements that I have attached below, but as I am sure it is clear I am no expert, novice might be a better description.

     i will have a website with an online form for new customers to register for my service, I want this data to auto fill a new record on my database and then auto e-mail out a welcome note including a unique customer number and password. Then send their address to my print que for an address label to be printed.

     in addition to this customer database, I will have another smaller database that the customer can access from the website, telling them how much money they have earned as part of a reward scheme.

     this database needs to be populated with data from my customer database.

     i hope I am not confusing people, as sometimes I start to confuse myself.

     my plan was to host my customer database on my office network, and the smaller on with my web host, however I am not sure that is the best course of action.

     any help or advice is very welcome.

     kind Regards