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is filemaker right for my retail business

Question asked by fantasysystems on May 10, 2009
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is filemaker right for my retail business


hi i have a small retail business that is taking off, i have about 600 customers, so it got really hard to keep track by pencil and paper, i'm looking for a database software... i started with bento i really like the interface =) but inventory and sales don't communicate like filemaker pro does, all though i still don't know how to work it! =(,(is really hard for me since this is the first time i touch a software this dence) so i was wondering if this is even the right sofware for my, i do sales trough a website like ebay, so i want a contact manage software let's say bento but i keep and inventory too, i wish to make a sale and have a software tell me if the the product is in inventory that is pretty much it, if it can give me estimates in sales in a month or yearly is a +, so i see that filemaker pro does what i need but it looks soooo complicated please help me =(


also I  have my database of customers in bento already and i want to take all my data base from bento to filemaker pro, and i did but i have like a table view in filemaker pro, can bring this info and have each customer in an individual layout? and like choose from all the individual layouts that filemaker pro offers when I start a database from scratch in the program?, let me know if my questions makes any sense i tried explaining it s best as i could i'm all new to this database stuff thanks in advance