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Is FileMaker the right tool for me?

Question asked by AllanAlbrecht on May 1, 2012
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Is FileMaker the right tool for me?


Attached you will find a screen mockup of an app I was hoping to design.

I am new to Filemaker, but my first few days looking around I don't see a few things I need.

1. Notice the dropdown on the top header. This is just to be variables that select the types of records to be listed (different tables). 

FM: All dropdowns must be attached to records. Not variables. Can't use a portal, due to dynamic table changes.

2. I wanted nice rounded corners on my fields.

FM: Can not have rounded corners on dropdown, must be rectangular.

The intention was to develop in FM and then move it to FM Go and eventual, FMTouch.

I'm feeling pretty restricted in my presentation.

Do I have to go to XCode or what?