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Is finding an external file possible?

Question asked by RobMacy on Apr 22, 2014
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Is finding an external file possible?


     I want to generate a new treatment form with a button.The treatment form is generated in a pdf that is saved in a folder and then I open it up in pdf annotator so that I can record the treatment.  My steps are this:

     1.  find and verify a folder name based on the lastName,firstName of the active record.  Can I do such a find?

     2. if no folder with that name create one.  Can I create an external folder? the new treatment form to that folder. Can I save to a pdf to an external folder?

     4. open that new file in pdf annotator(a separate program) . Can I do this with script?

     Im definitely growing my scripting skills on this one. Im primarily wanting to know if its possible to do these things but if you also want to give me a shove in the right direction I wouldn't hate you for it    8)