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Is FM12 realiable?

Question asked by gcatnine on Apr 24, 2012


Is FM12 realiable?


Unfortunately I cannot prove it, but I had several cases (which I'm not able to reproduce) where I suspect that FM12 has serious reliability problems.
My configuration is with FM server and FM Pro advance.
What happened just today:

  1. A variable defined as constant value of 1 during debugging got a value of 2 (mystery)
  2. GTTR that always worked, in one  case went to a completely wrong record. Repeated it: no problem
  3. a script that always worked without any problem, in one case gave totally wrong results. I debugged it and it worked again. Rerun and it worked again. BTW, the script is not based on any particular initial conditions.

So I’m very worry about these events.

Unfortunately I cannot open a case because I'm not able to reproduce them. I had some first signs during the development of this new application, but I though that were problems of coding  and I have not considered them.
Moreover, today I reinstalled the server on a Mac, just to be sure. After opening the application, I saved 5 records as pdf and it took about 5 minutes!!! Done it again, it took no more than 2 seconds. Never saw something like that.
Does anyone had a similar experience or have the same feeling?