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Is FMPRO 11 Advanced compatable with FMPRO 11

Question asked by skyops on Feb 22, 2012
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Is FMPRO 11 Advanced compatable with FMPRO 11


 I have 6 PC's with FMP11 and a 'server' with FMSERVER11 to network them. I wondered if anyone can tell me if I purchase a single licence FMP11 Advanced (or upgrade the FMP11 on my PC), would it still operate with the FMSERVER Databases? The reason I want to get Advanced is to design and distribute a simple run time database amongst my contractors who are in far flung regions, so they can do stock taking each month (Bar Code scanned) and also order stock more accurately. They don't need a full copy of FMP otherwise.

It's the compatability thing with our current FMP11 database I can't find any info on.

Many thanks in advance ...