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Is GTRR what I need?

Question asked by whardy7 on Mar 1, 2010
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Is GTRR what I need?


I am needing to produce a complex report on a card. Because of the complexity I cannot use report, so I am trying to script it. Here is my scenario:


3 Tables with unique IDs: Households; FamilyMembers; Incidents

I need to print a card for each Household in a certain city, including information on each related FamilyMember along with each FamilyMembers' health incidents.

EX: 50 Households in Kansas City in a found set out of 5000 records. 4 FamilyMembers in each Household. 3 Incidents per FamilyMember

I loop through the 50 records without any problem, but how do I switch to FamilyMembers to loop through them, in order to get to the Incidents to collect the pieces of data I need?


One more thing - I am confused about GTRR usually saying to go to a specific layout in order to show the records. I want to run this script and print the cards, not go to another layout. I simply need to gather the related data in other tables without going to other layouts. I don't want to display that data; I want to go through it and collect some of it, then display the calculated results on cards.