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Is it designed this way?

Question asked by TKnTexas on May 6, 2015
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Is it designed this way?


I have been using table-view since introduced and I love it.  I have been working with FMAdvanced since version 8.  Now at work I am using the standard version.  Using External DataSource I connected to a file that was originally a Excel worksheet.  It is basically a clone to my file, but I am just comparing.  

I set up the relationship.  And I wanted to create a layout,  Again, just to reference the information.  I selected table-view for all fields.  After viewing the data I saw some amount fields that I wanted to format, i.e. right align and set the number of decimal places.  Going back to layout mode....

There are no fields showing to modify.  I am going to delete the layout, redo selecting list-view.  But this was designed the way I am NOT seeing it?  Or this is a glitch?  Or I am not doing something?