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    Is it designed this way?



      Is it designed this way?


      I have been using table-view since introduced and I love it.  I have been working with FMAdvanced since version 8.  Now at work I am using the standard version.  Using External DataSource I connected to a file that was originally a Excel worksheet.  It is basically a clone to my file, but I am just comparing.  

      I set up the relationship.  And I wanted to create a layout,  Again, just to reference the information.  I selected table-view for all fields.  After viewing the data I saw some amount fields that I wanted to format, i.e. right align and set the number of decimal places.  Going back to layout mode....

      There are no fields showing to modify.  I am going to delete the layout, redo selecting list-view.  But this was designed the way I am NOT seeing it?  Or this is a glitch?  Or I am not doing something?

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          Yes, it is design that way.  Not all fields in a table are needed on a layout.  It would be more inconvenient to have to delete the unwanted fields and most users want an customized layout, so it is much faster to just create the layout.   There is a setting under preferences, then the layout tab, to add newly defined fields to the layout or you can just add the desired fields to your layout.

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            But just because you don't see a field on the layout when you leave table view does not mean that you can't go into layout mode and add the field to the layout so that you can specify formatting for it that will then be in affect when you return to table view. When you click "modify", you'll find that fields physically present on the layout have a "lock" symbol to the left showing that they are physically present on the layout.