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Is it for me

Question asked by WinstonChurchill on Jun 9, 2010
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Is it for me


Just started using Bento, it has some great features but a couple of deficiencies.


I'm quite happy with what Bento can do in terms of the basic database function, I don't need to create charts and all that other nice stuff, but I'd be more than happy to purchase and learn filemaker pro if it can do what I want, but I get the feeling that what I want is something between and neither are actually what I want.


The thing that attracted me to Bento were the mobile apps for iPad and iPhone, I'm a commercial state agent and energy surveyor, I use my iPad out in the field for data gathering about the properties.


I believe there are no mobile apps for filemaker but wondered if there were any plans for any or perhaps an alternative way of achieving what I want to do.


Also at the moment I'm restricted with Bento to running the database from one mac, ideally I'd like to be able to access it from any mac, although my macs are in different geographical locations. Could I utilise the filemaker pro server with my mobile me account (that's how we currently access all shared information).


Any suggestions, help or advice appreciated.