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Is it just me????

Question asked by jfilar3 on Jan 13, 2009
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Is it just me????


Hi, all. I'm stuck on a script step (this is a DB I've inherited and I'm trying to maintain for several users).


I have a table (Details) that stores the current case status '(Details::Case Status)' and the date that case status became active '(Details::Case status date)'. If a case is closed for more than 90 days, the record can be purged. I have a button that runs the PURGE script. The first line of that script is:


'If [(Details::Case Status = "Closed" ) and ((Details::Case Status Date + 90 )  > Get ( CurrentDate ))]'


with the idea being that the script checks to see if the case is both CLOSED and the status date (the date it closed) + 90 is beyond the current date. Here are the next few steps:


      'Freeze Window

      Set Field [Details::Case Status; "Purged"]

      Set Field [Case Status Date; Get ( CurrentDate )]

      Refresh Window

Else If [(Details::Case Status Date + 90 ) < Get ( CurrentDate )]'


And it goes on from there with custom dialog that addresses situations where the user cannot purge a record.


Here is the problem - ALL of the Else If statements work just fine. However, the FIRST line (the If statement) only seems to check that '(Details::Case Status = "Closed" )' and seems to ignore the AND part '(Details::Case Status Date + 90 )  > Get ( CurrentDate )'. In other words, as long as the Case Status is showing closed, it purges the record. Am I missing something in the AND statement? I'm guessing it's something obvious and I'm just too absorbed in this to see it......


Thanks in advance!:manvery-happy: