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    Is it possible ?



      Is it possible ?


      I have two fields : line and column.


      Is it possible to draw a table with the value of line and column, for example 5 lines and 5 column ?


      Thanks for your help :smileywink:

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          What exactly are you trying to achieve with this. 



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            Sorry, I did not explain it clearly


            The user can choose the number of line (ex. 5 ) and row (ex. 5 ) of the table, and if it is possible to create a table automatique with 5 lines and 5 rows?

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              What is the table to be used for

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                Crossword puzzle

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                  Not exactly sure FM is the best tool for this kind of thing.


                  Layouts are generally a defined set of fields and only vary with the amount of data (list or table) You are basicly looking to create a number of box objects and place them in columns and rows based on the input field values. Im not sure that FM can handle this exactly right


                  Maybe one of the experts could figure out a way to set the repetitions of a field based on the value in another field but having a variable number of fields(columns) show up on the layout based on another field would be a real trick. It may be possible to produce but by no means easy and you might have to define upper limits.


                  Lots of things are "possible" I can drive nails with a bowling ball if I had to but it wouldnt be the best tool for the job.

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                    I've actually done this to create simple word search and crossword puzzles (separate solutions that use a similar "grid" structure).


                    I didn't use any repeating field, just several related tabels and a lot of calculations and relationships. It's not a simple set up to explain either but here goes:



                    Puzzle (one record = one puzzle, define fields for Puzzle ID, puzzle title and any comments/directions you need)

                    Clues (One Record = one clue for one puzzle. Uses a Puzzle ID field to link to the Puzzle table

                    Rows ( One record = One row of the puzzle grid. Fields include a Puzzle ID, A row number and a series of calculation fields that use a different relationship for each column of the puzzlegrid to link to the "Cells" table.)

                    Cells ( One record = 1 letter of one row of one puzzle. Linked to Rows by PuzzleID, Row and Column fields)


                    To display the grid, I placed a portal to Rows in the header of a layout based on Clues. Each column was a different calc field from rows.


                    Note: I created this idea many versions of filemaker ago. It's possible, if I were to start over from a blank page, that I might expermiment with a layout based on Rows that uses horizontal portals in a list view layout to display the columns of the grid instead of so many calculation fields and relationships.

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                      Thank you very much, it's a very good idea :smileyhappy: