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Is it possible to combine records?

Question asked by Angellue on Feb 13, 2015
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Is it possible to combine records?


I have a set of sort of messy records. It basically goes like this: (It's a real estate business)In one field, i have name of the owner of the house, and i would have other owner's names in the following records, and i would have the banks that the person's having morgage with in the next record. However, for these records that actually belong to one person, the location field shows the same location. So, for example, it will look like this:

Name                               Location 

John Smith                      CTY 67 11/8 S7 C780

Mary Smith                      CTY 67 11/8 S7 C780

M&T Bank                       CTY 67 11/8 S7 C780

But the number of names and banks are not certain. 

So i am just wondering if i would be able to combine all these records with the same location together? I don't want to do it manually because i have over 15000 records. Thank you