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    Is it possible to combine records?



      Is it possible to combine records?


      I have a set of sort of messy records. It basically goes like this: (It's a real estate business)In one field, i have name of the owner of the house, and i would have other owner's names in the following records, and i would have the banks that the person's having morgage with in the next record. However, for these records that actually belong to one person, the location field shows the same location. So, for example, it will look like this:

      Name                               Location 

      John Smith                      CTY 67 11/8 S7 C780

      Mary Smith                      CTY 67 11/8 S7 C780

      M&T Bank                       CTY 67 11/8 S7 C780

      But the number of names and banks are not certain. 

      So i am just wondering if i would be able to combine all these records with the same location together? I don't want to do it manually because i have over 15000 records. Thank you

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          Doesn't look like you should combine them at all. You can work with such groups of records quite effectively without combining the data into a single record though I would add a field to identify the type of record (owner, bank, seller, buyer, etc...)

          You can perform a find, sort records, use a relationship based on Location or a portal filter to pull up records grouped by this Location value.

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            Oh Okay thanks! The thing i really want to do is to look for the owners according to their banks, is that possible to do it with the relationship?

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              What I think that you need is a "parent record" that is related to this group of records. I don't know if  you are managing property, buying/selling property, or something else and that can change what one record in this parent table represents. Let's say that you manage property for these people.

              A table of Properties with an internally generated PropertyID field set up as a primary key could link to your current able and to a location table. All of the records in your example would link to the same such parent record and could be listed in a portal on that Property table based layout. If you entered find mode and specified the name of a bank in that portal, you could find all properties linked to that bank and the owners would appear in the portal for each such record. It's then possible with a script to use Go TO Related records with the Match Found set option if you want to pull up just a list of the owners for all these properties on a combined list.