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Is it possible to export a portal field into new separate fields?

Question asked by GraceAw on Mar 27, 2012
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Is it possible to export a portal field into new separate fields?


I created a medical database using the "Research Notes" template available online.  It is set up so that each new record is an individual patients 'file'.  The tab control has the first tab containing an overview of patient details (name, date of birth etc etc) and the 2nd tab contains a portal. 

This portal contains the patient's surgery details - date of surgery, age at surgery, hospital etc are all different fields within the portal.  Each new document that is added contains details of separate operations, and the portal rows are then sorted by date of surgery.

I would like to have the patient's operation dates display on the overview tab, so is it possible to export a portal field and have the information displayed in new separate fields? e.g. if the patient has had one, three or even six operations, i would like to get the different dates initially entered into the date portal field to display automatically and separately elsewhere on the layout.

PS my script writing skills are terrible so if this possible via a script then an example would be much appreciated!