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    Is it possible to make a table and connect it to records



      Is it possible to make a table and connect it to records


      Hello, I've recieved some good support from this forum and I appreciate it. I have 2 questions.

      1. I have a drop down menu and it does not change between records. If I change it in one record it changes like that for all of the records. I'm sure there's a way to stop this I just don't know how. Is it related to the magnifying glass in the corner?

      2. I want to make a table that signifies sections in a box. Each section represents a product. I'd like to have a record for each individual product in each section of the box. So, I want the table to have the name of each product in its own cell which corresponds to how the actual, physical box is organized. I want each title in its cell to be able to be clicked on in the table to bring up its record and all of the products information. I hope this makes sense. There has to be a way to do this.

      I've attached a picture of the table I have now, notice how each cell has a title. I want this exact same table in fileMaker but imagine you click on the title and the record for that product comes up with all the info for that product. Like a cross reference application.

      Thanks for any help you can give me!



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          1) we'll need to know exactly what kind of value list you've set up (custom values, values from a field, conditional value list...?) Before we could answer. Also, what do you mean that it "doesn't change"? You see the same list with every record or do you see the same selected value in this field for every record?

          2) Have you asked this question before? I remember a previous poste where someone wanted to pack chocolates in sections of a box like this and posted a solution. I'd hate to just repeat myself if that was you and my original suggestion didn't work for you.

          Let me know whether that was you or not and I'll suggest from that context. (If my original suggestion didn't work for you, I can upload a demo file that would show you how it might work for you.)

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            Thanks for getting back to me! The list is custom values. If I change the value in the drop down list for one record, the value will be changed for all of the values.

            I have not asked this question before but I can look into your previous posts, or you can link me to them. Whatever's clever.

            I'm excited to get this working. These files are finally starting to come together and get organized.

            Thanks again,


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              1) Please describe the value list that you have set up, the relationship and what field you are using to "filter" the value list.

              2) What I suggested went something like this:

              First, you need tables and relationships so that you can set up portals to control what items go in each row,column of the box. The other poster's packaging needed the ability to document multiple layers of chocolates in the same box. This method also works for that approach also, so let me know if you need to add that capability.


              Boxes: (One record represents one packaging configuration for your box of candy. It may be unique to one product, or you may need to document future/past packaging configurations for the same product.)
              Rows:  (One Record represents a single horizontal row of chambers from your screen shot.
              Cells: (one Record is one chamber in your screen shot) a number field, Column, identifies the column of the chamber in your box.


              Boxes::BoxID = Rows::BoxID
              Rows::RowID = Cells::RowID

              Boxes::BoxID and Rows::RowID should be defined as auto-entered serial number fields.

              Now you can go to your Rows layout and place 9 one row, filtered portals to Cells in the body so that they form one row of the above grid. For the first portal on the left, give it this portal filter expression: Cells::Column = 1. Make this expression cells::Column = 2 and so forth for each column.

              For display purposes, this is basically it. You just need to create one Rows Record for each row in your grid of location and give them all the correct BoxID number so that you can pull up groups of Row records specific to each box in your product line to show the grid for that particular box.

              If you want to use this layout to assign specific candies to specific locations, we'll need a few more things set up.

              Go Back to manage | Database | Relationships, double click the line between rows and cells and enable "allow creation of records via this relationship" for Cells. Click on the fields tab, then find and double click the Columns field to bring up its field options. Give it this auto-enter calculation:


              Click OK and Select Manage | Scripts to create this script:

              Set Variable [$$Column ; Get ( ScriptParameter ) ]

              Now go back to the layout and set up an OnObjectEnter script trigger on each portal to perform this script, but pass the appropriate column number (1, 2, 3...) as the script parameter. This way, entering a field in the portal updates the variable with the current column number so that a new record created in the portal will receive the correct column number and "stay put" in the correct column of your grid.

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                Yes just like a box of chocolates. Again, I'm having trouble getting this set up. Could you give more detailed, step by step instructions, like you did before? Or just a link to how the chocolate boxes were set up.


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                  I fear that could take a very long post to do, but here's a demo file: http://www.4shared.com/file/T6T6NOXa/GridPacking.html

                  Download it (Click download now button below the file description text.) and see if you can figure it out.

                  There are script triggers set on every portal and also the pop up menu in the top left corner of the Rows layout. Both perform scripts you can open and examine in the Script Manager. There are two fields with auto-entered calculations: Rows::BoxID and Cells::Column. You can open manage | Database | Fields and double click the field definitions for these two fields to see what expressions were used.