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Is it possible to place two portals on the same layout?

Question asked by johnsmith_1 on Jan 21, 2011
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Is it possible to place two portals on the same layout?



I know that this question has been asked before but I couldn't get right the trick behind the solution.

Maybe some indulgent fmpro advanced user could patiently share some knowho with me.

Is it possible to get different data on two portals on the  same layout based on the relationship established between two tables  through a joint table?

If the answer is yes I would appreciate guidance on how to do it.

My table stettings are as follows

Document table


other fields

Person table









other fields

Appraisal (joint table)







The Appraisal joint table was created to sort out the many-to-many relationship between Document and Person tables.

The relationships so far established between the TOs are as follows:

Document to Appraisal (one to many): Document __pkFID::Appraisal_fkFID

Person to Appraisal (One to many): Person__pkPersonID::Appraisal_fkPersonID

My objective is to record both the reviewers and approvers on each document. To achieve this, in the Entry layout of Document table I have a tab named Appraisal where I have put two portals one for the reviewers and another for the approvers.

Since the two portals should have different values, I wrongly assumed that the solution was to create another TO for the Person table and establish the adequate relationships, but it dindn't matter what I did becuase I was always getting the same values on both portals.

What I tried and din't work was to create a new TO for the Person table. I named it Person 2 and established a relationship with the Appraisal joint table.

My idea was for one portal to get the data from the Person -> Appraisal realtionship and for the other portal to get the data from the Person 2 -> Appraisal realtionship.

But no matter how I set up the fields on both portals I was getting the same values on both.

What do I have to do to achieve this?