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Is it possible?

Question asked by TracyDBonham on Jan 23, 2012
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Is it possible?


I have a database that I created in Filemaker Pro 11 and I need to be able to access it through my iphone. 

I have tried FMGO but have a problem, it logs me out when I try to use the phone. Then to get back to the database I must restart FMGO then click on the database and then login. 

I need to be able to login to the database and still have access to the phone. The database would be accessed continuously throughout an employee's shift and the employee would be receiving calls and text messages. I need to be able to seamlessly switch between the database and the phone without having to re-login because this will all be done while driving.

Is it possible to either install the database to the phone and send scheduled updates to the server. Or create an app that will access the database and still keep me signed in? Or am I not configuring something right?

Thanks for all your help