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Is it worth buying FMStudio for developping a Web site.

Question asked by SMAT on May 14, 2009


Is it worth buying FMStudio for developping a Web site.


Good day, 


I would like to hear from people having used FMStudio for developping their Web site with FileMaker as their source database.


I am on MAC OS X v10 with FileMaker Pro v8.0.


My present Web site is designed with DreamWeaver (everything is static and every season I have to redo the texting).


I would like to convert my Web site and make it more dynamic since I will have to interact with the visitors (and introduce e-commerce).


I went through some webinar on the FMStudio Web site and it looks interesting to work with. Of course on their Forum I will hear only good remarks.


That is why I want to hear comments from the FileMaker Forum.


If you could as well, since I think that the version "FMStudio v1.0 for FX.php for Single User" will be sufficient for my needs, elaborate on any topic pertaining the matter such as the version requirements for DreamWeaver and FileMaker, the FMStudio PayPal module efficiency and any other guidance or advise.


Thanking you in advance.