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Is LOOKUP the correct function?

Question asked by p_pohlhammer on Jun 25, 2014
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Is LOOKUP the correct function?


     I use Filemaker Pro to track department expenses by fiscal year. The parent table is "Orders," this is orders that we place to vendors. The child table is "Invoices" for invoices received against the orders. The two table are related through the "OrderID" field. When I generate an order the FY field in "Orders" is automatically populated based on the order date. When I enter an invoice for that order the FY field in the invoice record is filled via the LOOKUP function from the "Orders" table. This works great until I need to change the FY in the "Orders" table for some reason, usually it's due to a typo on my part. If I change the FY on an order the FY field in "Invoices" does not update automatically. I have to go in and manually change the FY. Is there another function that will update records in "Invoices" automatically? Or, is there a script that will do the same thing?

     Thanks in advance for any insights.