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    Is my file trashed?



      Is my file trashed?


      So I start making the Custom Menus in the Custom set.  Suddenly the my Title of the my menu in the set "Setup" vanishes... the line is now blank.  The title of the same menu on the left in the selected for view column said <missing menu>.
      It is not editable, it will not delete and it won't let me create another menu named "Setup".

      Unfortunately I'm working through server and the server is far away... and server won't do a recover... only FM.


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          If no one has a better idea, you'll probably have to somehow take that file down off the server and use FMP to recover it to see if it reports any problems. Best practice by far would be to replace the file with a back up.


          I keep a copy of FMP installed but not in use on each server I am responsible for. That way I can remotely access the desktop, close the file in the Server Admin window and then, if necessary, open the file with FMP to do a recover or perform other maintenance/upgrade tasks. When finished, I can quit FMP and then re-open the file (or a backup if I had to perform a recover) on the server. In my case, the "distant server" is in a sometimes locked/inaccessible office about 30' away but this technique should work for you as well.



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            Hi Andy.


            If you are on FMS10, then try running a server side schedule to verify the file ( basically a consistency check ). This may at least give you an intial analysis. I still recommend using a backup copy and running it locally with FMP recover to see if there are further issues not detected.

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              Thanks for the quick comebacks!

              I just ran a manual scheduled backup (which goes to a seperate place and does not ovewrite) and status showed ok... so it passed consistency check.


              Setting up this server... which is MSserver2003... of remote access is kinda harder then getting taxes done or xferring a big app from FM3 to 10!

              Won't be able to get in person access till Monday or Tuesday. :smileysad: