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Is relying on relationships too slow?

Question asked by typeleven on Jan 10, 2010
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Is relying on relationships too slow?


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Im moving an old FM5 database to FM10 I have two ways I think I can do this. My example will be the clients table, there are currently over 18000 of them. So I’m concerned about the speed of browsing records and possibly over the WAN.


I could make a table with all the fields that they need for each client ( first name, last name, phone, address, etc) right now they have about 80 fields, one of there tables has 300 fields! It looks like they kept adding a field when they wanted to add something like another address or another phone number. I want to keep the tables from getting like they currently are (300 fields x 10,000+ records). Im guessing though for browsing the records it is faster than my following Idea.


I want to make a clients table that is just the ID_pk field. Then have an attributes table, this table has three fields, ID_fk, type, data. So through the table relationship I will have the information about each client. For example an Attribute will be [CID1, First Name, John] and then [CID1, Last Name, Smith] So now I have the first and last name assigned to the first client. This will be added via a portal. So now I can assign an infinite number of attributes to a record.


With over 10,000 records will having to rely on relationships be too slow over the network or WAN? Id like to know before I spend days on the scripts to import everything :)