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Is remote SQL access possible thru SSH?

Question asked by kentech on Oct 25, 2009
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Is remote SQL access possible thru SSH?


I have the possible need to connect a local FM database, on an as-neededbasis, to a remotely-hosted MySQL database thru SSH.


I have tested a similar database without SSH using the Actual Technologies driver and ODBC, and it works perfectly for my purposes -- except this was a proof-of-concept demonstration NOT using SSH. The hosting company of the SQL database that I will be asked to access IS protected by SSH, and so I assume that I have to first establish an SSH 'tunnel." But can Filemaker work with this using ODBC?


If anyone can point me to some documentation on this (Filemaker-specific), I would be grateful. Or if you know of a method that works, please offer a few tips. This is with FM 10 and Mac OS 10.6.1 (Snow Leopard).


If SSH is a show-stopper for Filemaker Pro access to remote SQL databases, I need to know so I can suggest the choice of an non-SSH-protected hosting service.