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    Is there a list of special characters?



      Is there a list of special characters?


      I need to do find and replace on return characters, tab characters, etc in order export to a .tab file so that I can then post process.

      Is there a list of how to represent return characters, tab characters and other things (quotes, ', etc) in calculation fields?

      I tried using \n for return, but that didn't work (I can also use the P in the buttons).  I tried copying and pasting a tab, and that didn't work.


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          You can use the Char function to return the character for a specified ASCII. Code. You can look up the code function in Filemaker help for a short list of commonly used character codes.

          ¶ can be used for returns in calculations. (There's a button for inserting it in the Specify calculation dialog.)

          If you want to enclose " inside a quoted string, you can precede it with the backslash: "This is a \"string\"" will evaluate as This is a "string".

          The Quote function can also be useful in these expressions: "This is a " & Quote ( "string" )