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Is there a method to compare privilege sets?

Question asked by JasonHaslow on Jan 16, 2014
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Is there a method to compare privilege sets?



     I have recently inherited a fairly large FileMaker system with 100+ databases and 30-40 privilege sets.  The system uses External Server authentication for accounts which means that in some cases my users have accounts that would be applicable to multiple Privilege sets, but unless I'm misunderstanding the documentation the database only actually authenticates to one account therefore one privilege set.  I suspect that the number of privilege sets in some of the databases are complete overkill.  This system morphed over about a 15 years so a lot of it is just layers upon layers of changes over the years. 

     So here is my there an easy way to compare the settings of privilege sets without opening each set one at a time and recording all of the settings?

     Most of the privilege sets use "Custom Privileges..." and then "Limited..." inside of that.  So you can imagine how many windows I'll have to look through to check permissions on each field.  Any tips would be appreciated.