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Is there a way of getting a word clicked on within a field

Question asked by nspies on Feb 16, 2014
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Is there a way of getting a word clicked on within a field


     Is there a way of getting the text (a word) that is clicked on within a field, and use this word to find the text within another field?

     Is there a way to get the line clicked on as a means of getting the word or words from a field?

     Years ago, when Apple supported HyperCard, getting the word clicked on was a trivial matter, so it seems more than simply ironic that FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced does not seem to support this feature. The language with HyperCard, called HyperTalk was in practically every way superior to the scripting language within FMP13A and AppleScript. By superior, I mean it was far easier to use and understand as well as having many more useful text functions. 

     Imagine being able to click on an index field and a go to the named page/record. Or imagine being able to click on a glossary term and have FMP13A switch to another form that provides a full definition of the term clicked on.

     Although there is a way in FMP13A to set the selection from character x to character y there seems to be no way of to get the selection to extract a copy of the selected word(s) with which to perform the actions above.