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    Is there a way to alphabetize the WINDOW menu?



      Is there a way to alphabetize the WINDOW menu?


           When I have many FM Pro 12 windows open at once, and go to the WINDOW menu (within FM) to choose one to bring to the front, they are in order of when I last brought them to the front, and I have to search through the list to find the one I want. I would prefer to have them alphabetized. I haven't found a PREFERENCE for doing this.  Does anyone know a way to teach the WINDOW menu to always show the open files in alphabetical order? Thanks.  

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               There is no such option. But you might replace using the windows menu with your own control on the layout. There are several approaches that I can think of that might be used to to produce an alphabetized list of currently open windows in either a portal, a drop down list/pop up menu or in a calculation field that uses ExecuteSQL to order the values into a sorted order.

               All three would require setting up a script that logs the window name by creating a record in a table when opened and deleting that record from the table when closed--both of which might be controlled by OnWIndowOpen and OnWIndowClose triggers specified in FileOptions. And yes, you may need to involve a user's account name in a hosted database so that each user sees the list of only their open windows.