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    Is there a way to view Word/Excel files in a container field?



      Is there a way to view Word/Excel files in a container field?


      Hi. I am using FileMaker Pro Advanced 13 on Windows and would like to know if it is possible to view a Word/Excel file in FileMaker through the use of container fields. At the moment the container field will only display a Word or Excel icon and the name of the file in the field. I know you are able to open and view these files in their respective programs (Microsoft Office Word/Excel) by storing the file as a reference. I was even able to write a script to open them up in those programs without the need to store the files as a reference. What I want however is to be able to view these files right inside FileMaker and not in an external program similar to how you can view PDF files within the container fields of FileMaker. Is it possible to achieve the same results with a Word or Excel file? If it can't be done with container fields, is there another alternative?

      Thanks in advance to those who reply.

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          Only if you converted the files to PDFs.

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            In FM11 (and others) you can drop a container field on to the layout, right click, and 'Insert Object'.  You can insert, for example, a new Excel worksheet, or insert one already created.  If you then click on the field you can edit the Excel sheet with all the Excel tools, just as if it was an Excel sheet set inside the container field.  You could have a script export data to a merge file, open the Excel sheet, automatically import it, graph it, and then bring the user back to the layout and see a fully-featured Excel chart (or Pivot table, or whatever).  Neat, eh?

            Now the Bad News: I 'discovered' that feature about FM5 (maybe early 7), and was astounded that we could do such a thing.  It empowered Filemaker with all the tools of Excel, and we could make them work in partnership, seamlessly for the user.  Almost.  Very, very nearly (we thought).  Sometimes the sheet would fill the container field, sometimes shrink, sometimes be one size on opening and another on closing.  But we were nearly there.  We phoned Filemaker for help, and got absolutely no response.  No-one would help us get around whatever it was we were doing wrong.  In the end we gave up - but it was really frustrating that it almost worked.  (Oh, and like images embedded in FM, the file size quickly exploded.)

            I've ranted in the forum before about this.  If you'd like to add your weight to trying to get Filemaker to 'finish off' or 'explain' the feature, please do.  But good luck with that.