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Is there a When calculation

Question asked by MStephens on Jul 22, 2013
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Is there a When calculation


     I have a field, Status, that I want to auto fill.

     When the date of the request is filled in, I want the status field to show 'Requested'

     Once the PO is received and the PO number is entered, I want the status field to change to 'Approved'

     When the product is received and the date is entered, I want the status filed to change to 'Received'

     But, if I need to cancel the PO, I would like to manually change to "Cancel" as I don't want to delete the request, I want to cancel the PO.  The date requested would still be filled in as would the PO number, but, if I canceled the processed PO, I want to manually change the status to 'Canceled'

     Or maybe I could set up a field to show a 'cancel' date?

     I can make a value list and manually do this, but I would like to automate it.  I think it should be possible, but, since I don't fully understand the different formula's, well:

     I used Case --> Case ( Line Items::Date_Requested ; "Requested" ; Line Items::PO Number ; "Approved" ; Line Items::Date_Merchandise_Received ; "Recieved" )

     But, it just gives me the first, requested, because the field of date requested is filled in.  Since the date requested field does not go empty when the PO number is filled in, it just stays on the first 'test'.

     Thanks for any help in advance.

     M  :-)