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Is there a workaround to be able to use summary fields in a calculation in a report?

Question asked by AMalyuchik on Dec 4, 2009
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Is there a workaround to be able to use summary fields in a calculation in a report?


Hi all, Hi Phil, I'd like to thank you for your original help many moons ago.


I am finally to the point where I can start intelligently....ish talk about Filemaker. 


Here is what I got:


I have a lab book. It has a number of labs in it and each lab has a bunch of materials. Some materials may repeat from lab to lab and in some lab those materials are treated as consumables and in others they can be reused.


This is what I need: 


I need a total of each material per book without re-adding the stuff that is getting reused. I need to show that number in a report along with the total price of all materials used in that book. 


This is what I have been able to put together:


 To make sure I separate the reusable and consumables I have two calculation fields. One takes the number of materials in the lab and multiplies it by the 0 or 1 in the "Reusable" field and records the answer. The other one does the same thing with the "Consumables" field  and records the answer. This way I can separate things that are reusable from what is consumable and be able to do summaries on them and it works like a charm. I take Max of what is reusable (I want to know the highest number so I don't end up short) and then take a Total of the consumables since they are not going to be reused.


Here is where I have a problem. Ideally I should be able to add those two numbers together and print them in a report as well as multiply them by the base price of each item to get the final cost of the kit, However, I find that I cannot do any math on these fields and it drives me up the wall. No amount of workarounds/hacks really gets me to the final result. I can get close but not all the way.


Any help would be greatly appreciate it.