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Is there any way to reduce the size of runtime solutions?

Question asked by Monteverdi on Jan 26, 2009
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Is there any way to reduce the size of runtime solutions?


I've been using Filemaker for years now, and have been distributing runtime solutions of astronomy databases I create since the late 1990s. Although I updated my version of Filemaker, I didn't bother updating the solutions, because, well, they worked. For the most important application, my last major upgrade was in February of 2005. At that time, the runtime applications and associated folders zipped down to 3.1MB for Window and 6.2MB Mac. (The database file alone was relatively small at 2.3MB Mac and 1.8MB Windows.)


Well, lately I've been getting complaints of problems with Leopard on the Mac and Vista on Windows. I decided to upgrade the apps with Filemaker 10 Advanced to see if that would help. The new apps are 117MB on the Mac and 136MB on Windows! 


In Windows, most of the size comes from the tons of DLLs created. On the  Mac side, the app alone is 88MB.


This great increase in size makes it almost impossible to consider distributing my apps any more. Is anyone familiar with any methods I might use to reduce the size of these runtimes?


Thanks very much.