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Is this a Bug?

Question asked by RichNasser on Aug 5, 2014
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Is this a Bug?


     Not sure if it's a bug, but I'll throw this out there before I submit to the issues page:


     see screenshot:  while stepping in with debug tool I come across two if-then statements. 

     The first if $NowAvailForRip <> 0 yields true and sends me to the second if-then:

     If $NumProdReq > $NowAvailForRip - when the statement is evaluated it reaches a TRUE and sends me into the if-then as you can see by the blue arrow -   but the values to the right in the watch window show $NumProdReq as 6 and $NowAvailForRip as 10 - how can 6 > 10 yield TRUE.

     Perhaps I have something wrong, but perhaps this is a bug