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is this a bug? "delete record" button causing hundreds of records to disappear

Question asked by cresal on Dec 1, 2011
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is this a bug? "delete record" button causing hundreds of records to disappear


I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it happen.


Yesterday one of my users came up saying she had tried to delete a duplicate record, but when she checked her list of all records for that project there were half as many. On examining further I discovered that almost 1000 records had disappeared since our backup the night before. I thought she had maybe "delete found records" or some such instead, but she took me through the steps she'd taken and i don't see how she could have deleted all those records. in form view, while examining the duplicate record, she had pressed the "delete record" button. Instead of the normal "are you sure?" window a progress bar saying "gathering records" popped up. I don't know if there were further popups, but there may have been.

I reverted to our backup so no harm has been done, but I want to know what happened so I can keep it from happening again. I couldn't figure out what could have happened, and figured she really just had pressed the wrong button somewhere.

Then, today, I was working on the same computer showing someone else how to delete something and, when looking at one record in form view i pressed the delete button and the progress bar saying "gathering records" popped up. Thinking the same thing might be happening to me I canceled, which crashed filemaker, but at least I didn't have to revert to a backup again.


What could be causing this??? Anyone have any ideas?