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Is this a gltch in the program or in me? (Data missing from field)

Question asked by StevenDeNeal on Jan 26, 2013
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Is this a gltch in the program or in me? (Data missing from field)


     So, I have a database I am reading from an SQL server that is a mess of raw data. There are three tables for customer information and one table for every journal (sales, receipts, accounts payable, accounts receivables, etc.). Anyway, I am trying to set this up so that I can query a customer's name and come up with past invoices. Here are my relatoinships:


     JrnlRow is the table with all the invoices on it... among other things. But the CustomerIndex field is always populated on invoice data and null for the other records. Here is a sample of what this table looks like.

     Lots of redundant data. Anyway as you can see, we have done a lot of service for CustomerIndex 1242 as there are multiple invoice numbers associated with this CustomerIndex. Yet, when I create the layout:

     Only one invoice number actually appears. I was, of course, expecting a mess of invoices numbers to appear (most of them duplicates that I would have to filter later) but only one ever shows up. This happens no matter which customer I query. Any ideas?