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    is this expected behavior for a search?



      is this expected behavior for a search?


      In our solution customer names are stored in a field called full name.  I recently encountered a customer who's name was Curt Curtis.  When preforming a search to see if he had purchased anything from us before I entered Find mode and put Curt Curtis into the full name field.  I was surprised when I received 35 results!  Every single person with Curtis as part of their name was returned as a result. Under this theory if I search for c c c c c, every person who has a c in their name would be returned?

      While I understand that placing the name in quotations will return an exact match, I don't really understand the reason for the initial result.  Any insight would be appreciated.



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          Not everyone with a c in their name, everyone who's name begins with a c.

          There's two things going on:

          1) Filemaker finds the string entered as a initial string followed by a wildcard. Every search terms has an asterisk at the end. Curt Curtis is Curt* curtis*.

          2) The search returns if of the items match.

          Curt Curtis is redundant as Curt will find Curtis. Dog Cat will find records like Dogbert and Catelyn.

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            Hi Chris,

            To add a bit more ... during a search, FileMaker treats each word in a line as a separate search and each LINE as a separate search as well.  So if you have text field with:


            ... and you search for Curt, it will find that record even though 'Curt' is not EQUAL to 'Davis¶Curt' nor does it START with Curt.  And it would be found searching only for 'c' as well because that second line is treated as separate record.  So in your example, searching for 'c' will find all WORDS THAT BEGIN WITH 'c', which is same as entering c*.  If you DID want all words containing 'c' then it would be *c*.

            Using == was not good example so I changed it and added to the example.

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              Thank You for the explanation guys.  I feel much better know I know why it is happening.  Who names their kid Curt Curtis anyway? Makes things dificult.





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                I knew a hippie couple with last name of Beach who named their kids ... Sandy and Rocky.  Absolute truth.