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    Is this idea delusional?



      Is this idea delusional?


           Hi all-

           I have been building this database with this ideas in mind:

           I can use Autonavigator to control the layout hierarchies with tabs.

           I think that was were I went wrong at first, because it doesn't appear that I understand how to keep relationships between tables in tact with the requirement that all tables to be shown in layouts must have a cartesian relationship between their primary key and the autonavigator main table. I thought I could track the keys with global variables and script the user experience through the layouts, but that is not working.

           I thought that if I had the primary key value stored in a global variable I could look up a record in a layout for the user to enter data, select other related records through portals, etc. I thought I could use something like Perform Find to orient each layout with stored key values, but that doesn't work.

           I apologize for the general nature of this post, but I feel like there is something simple that I am just not seeing in how to accomplish this. I am attaching a shot of my relationships graph, and am willing to take a beating if I have to in order to learn. I thank anybody who has any constructive criticism, however harsh it may be. :)