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    Is this possible



      Is this possible


      Dear board,


      I am pretty proficient with web design.


      I have a client that has about 1600 drivers. He wants to conduct a bid every six months based upon seniority.


      The bid would allow the drivers to choose the following:


      The two days they want off.

      The shift they want to work (which are numbered from 10-60) on the days they choose to work.

      The ability to choose which vehicle they want to drive for the day. 


      A close example of this would be:


      Employee Number 1 wants to work M-F from 7 am to 5 pm (shift number 30) driving vehicle number 8000.

      Employee Number 2 wants to work M-F from 7 am to 5 pm (shift number 30) driving vehicle number 8001.-----However, Employee Number 1 took the only shift with the number 30, so there are no more 7-5's available Monday through Friday.



      Would Filemaker allow me to create a database of drivers, shifts, days off and vehicle numbers which could be accessed from a webpage which could be automatically updated each time a driver chooses a shift-----which would make the shift unavailable for the remaining drivers.


      I have plenty of website experience, just not database and my sql experience.





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          Thank you for your post.


          Yes, this is very feasible with FileMaker Pro.  However, web design and databases are quite different.


          The basic concept for your project would probably require a tables for:







          When a driver selects a shift, vehicle, and vacations, the appropriate records would need to be updated so that other drivers won't be able to see them when they select their shift, vehicle, vacation, etc.


          Can one vehicle be used on a different shift that doesn't overlap the first shift?  That is, someone chooses M-F 7 to 5.  If a person select M-F 8PM to Midnight, is that vehicle available?  That is some of the logic you'll need to enter when you set this up.


          Yes, this can also be made available via the web using FileMaker's built-in Instant Web Publishing.



          FileMaker, Inc. 

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            Thanks for your post.


            Knowing that it CAN be done goes a long way to helping me get started.


            Yes, the vehicle will be used twice a day by two different shifts.


            Since I've never dealt with databases per se, I can see a few fun frustrating weekends ahead of me.


            Thanks for your input on the tables.


            If I am understanding your explanation, I will need to find out how to make the database update via a command when a driver selects his new shift so that it removes the shift and vehicle from other drivers.


            We will have two shifts so I can create two databases----one for days and one for nights.


            Thanks again,


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              You can have two different tables (one for nights and one for days), but it may be easier to put the shifts in one table.  That way, when a car and shift is selected, that record is marked reserved (or to not show for subsequent searches), but the car would show up under a different shift.  Does that make sense?



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