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    Is this possible to do with FileMaker?



      Is this possible to do with FileMaker?


      Hi, I want to use FileMaker for a larger database project and I need  several more complex table layouts in that so I'm wondering if it's  possible to do the following with FM (and if yes, how to do it) ...

      Having a table that contains records that are used as fields in another table, for example:

      Table 1 named "skills" with fields:


      ... this table will have several 'skill' records with their ID, name, etc.

      Now in another table I'd like to use the records of the skill table AS fields:

      Table 2 named "characters":


      ... in this table the characterSkills field should  be a Portal component that lists all the entries from the skills table  with their skillName and for every of the skills a value can be assigned  for the character.

      Makes sense? I know how to add a Portal that  shows the fieldnames of another table but I can't figure out how to make  a portal where you are able to use the record's values as fields in  another table.